Established in 2004, Wayden Technologies Sdn Bhd (Wayden) is an integrated supply company committed to providing customized solutions and equipment parts sourcing that best meet each customer's exclusive needs.

Wayden supports manufacturers in various industries through contract and project management, streamlined communications and collaborative cost savings in hand with our worldwide strategic alliances and networking.

We work proactively with our customers not only responding to their briefs, but forwarding our innovative ideas from our enormous product knowledge. Whether it be proposing new items, or reinventing an established line, we aim to fit the right product or solution at the right budget in the right time.

At Wayden, we take pride in our ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our customers and the market through:

Wayden believes that the key factor of our success is the success of our customers. We are process-flexible and focus exclusively on customers' sourcing needs by working on product quality, adhering to timelines and budget.

Transacting with worldwide manufactures, Wayden has the global presence to consistently provide products in the most cost effective manner.

From managing complex sourcing projects to consulting and value added services, Wayden combines the power of sourcing creativity with business understanding to provide a wide range of professional products and services to the industry.

Wayden ensures significant cost savings in the long run with quality products and services in competitive pricing. The clients will be provided professional engineering consultation by our qualified engineering experts.

Wayden offers reliable and professional services by fulfilling our task responsibly and keep up to customers' expectations and also establishing a long-term partnership.