Wayden Technologies Sdn Bhd is appointed as the OEM Representative of Conax Technologies Temperature Sensor and Sealing Glands products and solutions for the region of Malaysia.

For over 60 years, Conax Technologies has been a leading supplier of custom designed temperature sensors and compression seal fittings for a wide variety of applications in virtually every industry. The products are certified to some of the most rigorous quality standards in the world.

Conax Technologies is a fully integrated manufacturer with extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, enabling Wayden to provide superior products and services to Malaysia based companies.

Pressure and Vacuum Sealing Assemblies
Conax Technologies designs and manufactures a complete line of pressure/vacuum mechanical sealing glands and assemblies for wires and probes for virtually every industry. A wide range of catalog standard sealing glands are available from stock, while unlimited custom designs are also available for unique wire or probe sealing applications.

Exclusive "Soft Sealant" Technology
Conax Technologies' exclusive "soft sealant" technology enables easy assembly of the sealing gland by simply inserting the wire or probe and torquing the gland cap. Replaceable sealants permit repeated use of the stainless steel fitting for easy installation and service in the field. Our standard sealant materials include Lava, Teflon®, Neoprene, Viton® and Grafoil® and are designed, depending on gland type, to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 10,000 psi/690 bar involving temperatures ranging from -400°F to 3000°F/ -240°C to +1650°C. Other sealant materials are available for custom applications.

Wire and Probe Sealing
In wire sealing, we routinely accommodate in one gland from 1 to 16 conductors ranging from 24 AWG to 3/4"/.03mm diameter to handle a voltage range from the millivolt level up to 8000 volts and currents up to 400 amps. In probe sealing, from 1 to 40 probes, ranging in size from 0.020"/0.5mm to 1.250"/32 mm diameter, are routinely pressure or vacuum sealed in a single unit. Beyond these, we offer custom or special assemblies.

HL Gland for Hazardous Locations


High Pressure Sealing

Hazardous Location (HL) Gland
The HL Gland is designed for sealing protection in a wide variety of hazardous environments.It is CSA® Certified in the US and Canada with a pressure rating of 500 psig.

High Pressure Seals Wire/Probe/Tube Seals
for instrument signal wires, electrical power electrodes, temperature probes and fluid or gas transfer tubing. High pressure seals are designed for installation onto the pressure vessel wall using threaded or welded mounting configurations.
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Probe Sealing

Packing (PG) Glands
for gas/liquid sealing on a single tube or probe (such as a thermocouple, RTD or thermistor probe) using Conax Technologies' "soft sealant" technology.

Midlock (MK) Glands
Innovative glands feature a stainless steel ferrule assembly that may be opened and resealed. For sealing a single tube or probe.
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Probe & Wire Sealing

Mutliple-Hole Metal (MHM) Glands
Glands for multiple tube or probe sealing that can be customized to accommodate special hole patterns, irregular shapes and higher density requirements for gradient thermocouples, RTDs or thermistor probes, tube bundles, etc.

Multi-Hole Ceramic (MHC) Glands
Sealing glands for sealing up to 16 tubes or probes for applications such as multiple thermocouples, RTDs or thermistor probes, tube bundles, liquid level sensors, etc.

Split Packing (SPG) and Double Split Packing (DSPG)
Glands Split glands for single or multiple probes that can be used wherever the probe cannot be installed through the sealant either because of length or stepped outside diameter.
Split Packing (PGS) Gland
Conax split glands for single probes only are used wherever the probe cannot be installed through the sealant, either because of length or stepped outside diameter. When probe maintenance is required, sealants are easily replaced.
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Wire Sealing

Bearing Sensor Wire (BSWS)
Seal Conax's Bearing Sensor Wire Seal efficiently seals directly on the individual Teflon® insulated leads of an embedded bearing temperature sensor exiting an oil-filled bearing housing. Typical applications include the sealing of these leads on large motors, generators, turbines, pumps, compressors and journal bearing pedestals.
TG Gland with 24 AWG
Wire This assembly consists of a Conax manufactured transducer gland (TG) provided with a Teflon® sealant and 24 AWG solid Teflon® insulated thermocouple grade wires or copper wires. The gland is furnished with 24" of wire on each side. Longer wire lengths can be furnished as required.

Power Lead (PL) Glands
Insulated power lead sealing glands provide versatility for sealing against gas or liquid in feedthroughs in autoclaves, transformers, sterilizers and motor power applications.

Electrode Gland Teflon (EGT) Glands
Electrode sealing glands for gas or non-conductive liquids featuring an electrode encompassed by a continuous Teflon® combined insulator/sealant.

High Density (HD)
Mechanically Sealed, Multiple Wire Feedthrough Assembly Continuous wire feedthrough for thermocouples, RTDs and low voltage instrumentation for applications such as sealing of wires exiting glove boxes, pressure vessels, instruments, furnaces, sterilizers and reactors.
Electrode (EG) Glands
Electrode sealing glands for gas or non-conductive liquid environments where delivery of high current is required. Applications include electrical feedthroughs for vacuum furnaces, liquid level probes, transformers, reactors, etc.

Transducer (TG) Glands
For bare wire sealing against gas or liquids, used for various solid bare wire transducers such as thermocouples, strain gauges, thermistors and resistance element leads. TG-C Wire Seal Termination Assembly This lightweight head provides a convenient and compact method of terminating thermocouple wires and connecting cold end leads. Screw posts, mounted in high purity alumina, securely fasten leadwires in position.
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Conax Technologies provides four flange styles to accompany its compression seal fittings. All flanges are constructed of 304SST, 316SST or carbon steel. Alternate materials and grades are available – consult with the factory on your requirements

SFA Sanitary Flange Mounts
SFA Flange Mounts are designed to mount to Tri-Clover 16 AMP sanitary flanges and equivalent. These mounts provide pressure/vacuum sealing against gases and liquids in pharmaceutical, food and dairy processing.
CF (NW) Vacuum Flange Mounts
Designed to mate with Varian Con-Flat®, MDC Del-Seal® or similar vacuum flanges, the Conax Technologies CF Vacuum Flange Mount provides high performance and reliable sealing in all types of vacuum applications.

KF (ISO) Vacuum Flange Mounts
KF Vacuum Flange Mounts offer fast assembly and disassembly. They mate to Varian Klamp-Flange®, MDC Kwik-Flange® and similar vacuum flanges. This mounting style is ideal for roughing and high vacuum applications requiring frequent changeover, including sintering furnaces, vacuum furnaces, and semiconductor and powder metal fabrication processes.
ASME/ANSI Flange Mounts
Conax Technologies sealing glands can be welded or threaded to ASME B16.5 flanges to create a rugged mounting for environmental sealing and/or securing the position of instrumentation sensor probes. Use of flanges eliminates the need to weld mounting adapters to the pipe or vessel. Common applications include petrochemical processing and distribution, industrial furnaces, bulk cargo carriers, gas sampling coupons and gas storage silos
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RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Head and Direct Mount
Conax Technologies RTD / Thermocouple assemblies offer a wide variety of terminal head styles to meet application needs. In direct mount models, the sheath is attached to the terminal head using either a W8 fitting or a Conax Technologies manufactured "soft seal" sealing gland. Gland models are provided in different sizes and with various sealant materials to ensure proper function in a wide range of environments. All provided direct mount fittings serve as mounting devices and environmental seals.

RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Heads and Adjustable Mounting Fittings
RTD / Thermocouple assemblies can be supplied with a wide variety of terminal head styles to meet application needs. Adjustable mounting fittings using Conax Technologies "soft seal" packing glands allow the immersion depth of the sheath to be easily adjusted in the field and provide pressure or vacuum sealing against gases or liquids. (Glands are shipped untorqued.) Gland models are offered in different sizes and with various sealant materials to ensure proper function in a wide range of environments.

RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Heads and Spring-Loaded Mounting
Spring-loaded assemblies are used to maintain positive contact between the sensor tip and the surface to be monitored, typically used with thermowell assemblies. Conax Technologies supplies a number of styles of spring-loaded assemblies to meet application needs. Spring-loaded assemblies can be provided with all terminal heads. In addition, the T11SL model provides a spring-loaded assembly built into the T11 aluminum terminal head. This allows complete disassembly and removal of the sensor probe without dismantling the terminal head from the conduit or the vessel.

RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with T3/T4 Leadwire Termination
This exclusive Conax Technologies design provides a practically unbreakable connection between the leadwire and the probe lead. The T3 epoxy-filled transition is supplied with 24 AWG stranded silver-plated copper Teflon-insulated wire with Teflon overall as standard. Silicone impregnated fiberglass insulation is also available.

T4 termination provides a stainless steel overbraid for maximum flexibility and abrasion resistance. The overbraid is embedded in the epoxy-filled material to ensure mechanical strength. Standard extension leads are 2 ft. long. Longer leads are available on request.

RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with PJFC-Plug/Jack Termination
Polarized plug and jack assembly bodies are made from molded glass-filled thermoset compounds, with copper pin material. The connector is color-coded white. A metal ferrule tube adapter secures the probe in place, and a wire clamp is used to hold the wire. Standard assemblies are designed to operate in temperatures up to 300° F (150° C). High temperature assemblies operate up to 800° F (427° C) and are color-coded red. Polarity marks are molded in the bodies for installation assistance. Individual plugs, jacks, tube adapters and wire clamps are also available.
RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with B-Series Terminal Head
Conax Technologies B-Series heads are compact, lightweight terminal heads that provide convenient hook-up of customer extension wire. The cap and body are nickel-plated to resist corrosion. The ceramic terminal block contains zinc-plated brass terminal posts that accept up to 14 AWG wire. Bayonet-style cover allows easy access to the terminal posts. B-Series heads are provided in direct or adjustable mounting styles.

RTD / Thermocouple Assemblies with MD Disc Termination
The MD disc-style termination is small, compact, lightweight and provides easy access and convenient wire termination. It is excellent for use in clean areas and confined spaces. The disc is molded from high-performance thermoset compounds, color-coded by thermocouple type (high-temperature models are red). The discs are mounted directly to the sheath using a brass metal-to-metal compression fitting.
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Our high temperature thermocouples are specifically designed for durability and reliability in high temperature applications to 4200°F (2315°C). Such applications involve oxidizing, reducing, inert gas or contamination atmospheres that challenge the life of the thermocouple.

Tungsten-Coated Molybdenum for Graphite-Lined Furnaces

At temperatures above 2012° F (1100° C), graphite dust from graphite liners/shields or heating elements can attack and carburize molybdenum sheaths. This causes the sheath to crystallize and become porous, losing its protective properties. The thermal elements in turn crystallize and open. Coating the heat-affected length of the molybdenum sheath with a thick layer of tungsten reduces this carburization action and extends probe life. The tungsten coating also provides increased abrasion resistance.

Thermowells are pressure-tight receptacles that extend the life of a temperature in environments where the sensor is not chemically compatible with the process media or the sensor does not have the mechanical strength to withstand the process flow or pressure. Thermowells also facilitate removing, changing, checking or replacing sensors without draining the process system. The use of standardized thermowells throughout a plant permits easy relocation of sensors.

High Performance Applications: Conax Technologies Con–O–Clad® is manufactured using high performance/exotic alloys for critical applications where performance under extreme temperatures or severe environmental conditions is required.

Conax Technologies offers a wide range of temperature transmitters to meet your exact needs.

Terminal Head Mount Models

Din Rail Mount Models

Programmable LED

Legacy Transmitters Products
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Wayden develops supply chain professionals who share in our sourcing knowledge to drive solutions that address the big or small projects and long term needs.

Through strategic sourcing and sound precurement methods, Wayden team provides the customers with ample offering and enables them to:
  • Accomplish lowest or competitive costs
  • Respond to price changes in the world-market
  • Hedge risk through diversification in worldwide production
  • Understand financial impacts of duties and tariffs with international trade
  • Produce OEM, ODM or OBM products that are quality tested and acquired from certified sources
  • Source for parts from OEM or equivalent after-market products to cater for every customers' requirements

Beside providing the leading class solutions that drive maximum value for customers by offering the most dynamic portfolio of products and services, Wayden has all solutions that you need.

The value-added services release the customer from additional product-related costs, save time, make the budget and timeline more predictable and allow establishing a long-term partnership.

Our value added services include Equipment and Spare Part Sourcing & Procurement and Customized Industry Software Development. Please contact us for more details.